Van Kaam advocaten


Van Kaam is an IP and media boutique law firm.

Within these fields we know every corner. Every end. Every possible

pitfall. We find solutions, even beyond the path stipulated, to advice and defend extraordinaire.


And it's knowing both ends that makes us one of a kind. To know upfront what the other party will do, before they even think about it. We elevate our specialties to a fine art.


The team is "excellent at what they do in this sector" and the lawyers are "extremely reliable.'

- Chambers



Van Kaam advocaten was founded in 1998 and is located in central Amsterdam. We work for clients ranging from large companies to startups for which the creative aspect often plays a key role.


We represent the interests of inter alia publishers, broadcasters, radio stations, television and film producers, new media, record labels, artist managements, designers, illustrators, writers, comedians, actors, presenters and musicians, but also companies and individuals from other industries dealing with our expertise.